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Nipples get hard and hurt when its cold out?
i have this problem every time when i feel cold my nipples get hard and tender and it hurts when they brush up against my shirt. is this common? how do i fix this problem?
p.s its embarrassing cuz i have to lean back to avoid brushing my top.
Yes I remember this pain.. We moved to a warmer stae and I no longer have to put up with thi sin winter. Wear a bra with that padding and keep warm tops on.
Why do nipples get hard in cold weather, this is a real question?
This isnt just a joke question, I really want to know. We shiver when were cold which generated heat. Our hair stands up to insulate but heat. Why do our nipples get hard?
Good question.
Probably something to do with blood vessels constricting.

Of course, if you're a romantic (read-horndog) like me, you'd like to think that your body is doing this to turn on a guy, so he'll want to have sex with you, which will then warm up your body!
Is it normal for my nipples to get hard when I am cold?
Is it normal for women's nipples to get hard when cold? Right now its freezing in my room and my nipples are hard and large.

When I'm not cold, their not hard or very large.Is there something wrong with me? It happens every time I'm cold.
thats hawt
no really, thats normal
its like....when boys get cold their lil johnny shrinks
What does it mean when your nipples get hard but your not horny or cold?
you know when its cold your nipples get hard or sometimes when your horny but what if its not cold and your not horny and they're just hard for no reason.
It means that you never want to have a relationship with "ME" or "ALEX" Because they are ****ol*s!
Sometimes,it just happens for no reason....It just does.
How come when girls get cold thier nipples get hard n wen men get cold thier penis shrinks?
how come when girls get cold thier nipples get hard n wen men get cold thier penis shrinks?
men and women both experience hard nipples when it gets cold because the body is drawing away blood from the chest to heat up more important parts such as the heart.

men's penis shrinks as well as their scrotum for the same reason except the scrotum acts as a way of maintaining ideal body temperature for the sperm so they dont die.
I tickled my girlfriend and i stopped and I saw that her nipples were hard. Is she turned on or just cold?
She told me to stop and she seemed to like it but the basement we were in was cold so I am not exactly sure. I guess a better question is if a girl has hard nipples does that mean that she is turned on?
A lot of people say girls are turned on if there nipples are hard. I learned in my college human sexualities class, that the nipples are a #1 spot for sensation, an from that I would assume that a girl with hard nipples is turned on....and or cold...but since you were in a cold basement, you can't make a have to find out when your in a regular temp room lol.
Why do your nipples get hard when its cold out? Not a stupid question.?
Why do your nipples get hard when you get cold, I was just curious about the biological aspect of it. Thanks!
Stimulation or sexual arousal can cause the nipples to become erect, due to the release of the polypeptide neurotransmitter oxytocin. Breastfeeding or exposure to cold temperatures often has this effect as well.
Is it normal for my nipples to ONLY be pointy or hard when im cold?
Im almost 14 and of course im curious about my body. My nipples only get hard and pointy or whatever when im cold?? Otherwise their just soft and not pointy at all. Please help me?
yea its suppose to be like that, if its pointy all the time then you will likely get a rash because of the friction from ur clothes

only muscular guys or girls have pointed ones all the time
Question of the Day: Why do Nipples get hard when it is cold?
When the temperature is really cold the nipples get rock hard,and when its warm they don't..
Trying to understand it is a mystery to me... I do know that when your having se they also get aroused...
The extra blood flow to those areas. As you said when having sex they also get hard well when a person gets cold the body will go into auto mood and try to keep that area warm so as it does not freeze. Now with sex extra blood is going to these places because you are aroused. Men have at least these two areas One the penis and nipples as for women they also have the same two areas instead of a penis it is the clitoris. Had they became male's this would have been there penis.
The human body is very mysteries and it is also very interesting. Stop and think how the egg in the woman and the sperm in the male are the two smallest cells in the human body yet when together they make a person. One that still interest me is, since the body is for the most part closed. By sex alone how another person can be formed in there.
Why do nipples get hard when exposed to the cold?
I have always wondered why this happens? How does this happen physically? Why does coldness make nipples hard and stick out? What causes that?
We have special muscular cells within our skin (in the dermis) called myocytes. They're the same that form some of our larger muscles (of the smooth or involuntary muscle type), but in this area they are isolated, and arranged in sort of a circle around the nipple.
Now, when skin muscle cells contract, they cause the skin they're attached to to "fold" because they get shorter.
In the case of nipples, the arrangement of the myocytes causes them to become hard; it's the equivalent of the goosebumps that appear in other areas of our bodies, when the dermal muscles associated with our hair contract.
Contraction of these muscle cells may be triggered by different stimuli: touch (pressure), cold (temperature), or sexual excitement ('orders' from the brain).

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