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What's that dance called? it's done by latin american women, with feathers on their head dress and a bikini?
Rio de Janeiro comes to mind...

any youtube links? thank you
Brazilian Samba
After drinking last night My curvy Latin girlfreind kind of made me model her lacy bras and?
Is this normal do you think or does she maybe have lesbain tendencies?

They were not thongs but maybe even worse they were like silky bikini ones!
Honey, all Latin girls love to see their men in lacy bras and panties. Get used to it.
Why are Latin women so much better at wearing Lingerie than white women ? They know what to wear and how to?
work it ? White Girls just don't seem to get it!

White women put on our boxers and wife beaters and think they look sexy and then think its strange when we put on their bikini panties and bras!
We enjoy being girly girls and making our men smile!

Please tell me more about the time you wore your white girlfriends panties and bras so I can laugh some more. Pretty please! LOL!
Whenever you see or think about women in latin america, why are they depicted as beautiful and really sexy?
Because, ive seen many latin women who look very ugly, but in the emdia, you see all these scantily dressed sexy girls in bikinis?
Probably in the same way you see brisitsh, american, chineses etc etc as really beautiful in the media and then in real life they are just average non airbrushed people.
Does it bother black & Latin Girls at all that most in shape white guys can fit into their dresses and?
bikini panties pretty easily ?
Pretty easily?…
I jokingly dared my boyfriend to model this really lacy bra & bikini set my grandmother bought me and he did?
Is this a good sign in a guy or a bad si

I mean he looked hilarious dancing around in silky panties, but i don't know if many latin guys would do this just to give their girlfriend a laugh?

Oh he is a skinny white American guy, if that matters
It's could be either, because it means he has a really fun sense of humour.

Or on the other hand this could be bad, because it could also mean he is a closet trannie.
Who's the girl in the orange bikini in the "Bon Bon" pitbull music video?
Damnnn...these hot *** girls are killing me
I would want to know the name of that beautiful wonderful Latin's name?
Karla Lopez.
Why are women or girls in mini skirts so hot?
I mean I am personally so attracted to that. It is even hotter than a bikini. But why? Even I cant explain it to myself. I will do anything for the girls in a mini or microskirt.

**please no Alabama prudes or stupid answers from fatsos. American girls are losing out to Latin, Asian and European girls who don't eat as much Burger King and CAN wear minis.
hey, i'm american and can totally pull off a mini!!
i'm not trying to like show off or anything, but it makes me mad that you think all american girls are ridiculously fat and can't pull it off

the white one

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