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Any good lesbian fan fictions you guys know of?
I'm tired of just reading the same old lgbt books about people who find their sexual identity or whatever. It's hard to find good romance books about lesbians and bisexuals, so i'm trying to find something interesting to read online. thanks :)
First, you might want to check out my online lesbian fiction blog. It links to lesbian fiction (original and fan fiction) on the net. You can find it at:


You can also check out my short story site:


I hope you find something you like!
I am very confused and would love some advice -- I've got a huge crush on a girl at work -- am I a lesbian?
Most of my life, I've had crushes on women, 98% of my fantasies are about women with women, I love Xena and read lesbian fan fiction, the whole shebang. Until now I never fully explored what that meant, and have only ever had relationships with men. I'm in the process of ending a 7 year relationship w/a man, and have no desire to be with a man again.

I met a woman at work that is openly lesbian and I can't stop thinking about her. She's in a relationship, and I respect that, but I love talking to her and am more turned on than I've ever been when I'm near her. One day her breasts brushed against me and I was so aroused I couldn't concentrate the rest of the day. We have a lot in common and she spends a whole lot of time coming to my cubicle to just sit, talk & laugh. I can't tell if she likes me or not, and I don't want to ask because she's in a relationship and we work together, and also, this is new territory to me. Am I a lesbian? And what should I do about my feelings for her?
Wow, I would definitely say there is not much ambiguity about you.

* She might be in an open relationship, she might just sincerely like your company, hard to say. But as for you,
* If you don't at least try a lesbian relationship, you are crazy.

If you trust her, go to lunch with her and ask her if she knows any single women. If she asks what type, say "Well, someone like you would be nice". It will be flattering, keep it light. She will either help you find someone, or she may surprise you.
Still a bit confused but am I a Lesbian?
I am a fifteen year old girl who dislikes girl clothing and other accessories. I dress boyish and have even been asked if I am a girl or a boy all my life. I've never been in a relationship (kissing, crushes, etc.) and since I'm now in high school I at least want to know my sexual orientation.

But that's the problem. I don't. I think I'm gay or maybe bisexual but I've never really liked a girl. Yet I love reading lesbian fan fiction and books. I even think of some girls from school but not explicitly. (Too embarrassed or shy to.) Does this make me gay? I'm still not sure because I don't feel much towards other people, relationship wise.

Can someone answer and please don't be mean or crude, just straightforward. Thank you.
You just sound like a tomboy. Don't push yourself into a sexuality just because of the way you look, the way you look does not affect your personality and sexuality. If you've never had a girl crush, I'd bet you're just a tomboy. Don't worry, just be yourself and go with the flow. :)
Can I be totally shameless and try to plug my fan fiction here?
Yes, I can be totally shameless but is it effective? First of all I could have been coy and asked if any of you thought it was any good, but... that seems a little underhanded.

To preface this I have a confession to make, this is a Twilight fan fiction. However, I am not a "fan" per se. I don't know I wanted to see if I could write better than Stephanie Meyerpire, I probably can't but there you go. Anyway.. read this if you like, don't if you don't.

Oh by the way, it's about lesbians.

Anyone can write better than Stephanie Meyer, so go for it.
What are some slow, sweet, lesbian love songs?
I am writing an L word fan fiction story and I really want a sweet and slow song to listen to when I write it... any suggestions?
Suzanne & I, Anna Calvi. She has a stunning voice.
I know Raw was already taped but this is just a fan fiction Raw for tonight?
The night starts with Vicky in the ring but you can't hear him because of all the boos. She says that tonight Triple H is going to choose the opponent for Orton tonight and Orton is going to choose the opponent for Triple H. Triple H comes out with a sledge hammer. He then says that Vicky should take her fat *** back to her office and change the rules of hims and Orton's title match to a Steal Cage Match. Vicky says yes only in one condition. If Triple H loses she gets to choose the match type. H agrees and we go to commercial

1) 6 Man Draft-e match
Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, and Kane vs Chris Jericho, Vladimir Kozlov and The Miz
winners Jericho, Morrison, and Miz after Christian came in and triped Rey before he went for the 619, Jericho then hit the Code Breaker for the win. Christian then hit Mysterio with a chair and challenged Mysterio to a Ladder match for the IC Championship. Jericho then hit the Code Breaker on Christian and added himself to the match


Cena comes out with a story book. He opens it and it shows pictures of Edge and him during his past rivalries. starting from New Years Resolution 2005 to now. Edge comes out and brings a bunch of weapons. Edge screams and throws them around yelling remember this Cena when "I speared you winning my first WWE Championship, or when I cost you the WWE championship at the 2nd ECW One Night Stand. How about that triple threat match we had on Raw were I not only beat you but I beat RVD. Or how about that TLC Match were you FU'ed me from a ladder into two tables. Remember Wrestlemania 25 when you Fu'ed me into Big Show and winning. Remember this Sunday when I stand above your bloddy body when the ref counts to 10 in our Last Man Standing Match, and announcing The New WWE Champion THE RATED R SUPERSTAR EDGE.


2) Micky James and Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix and Michele McCool
winners James and Kelly


Phoenix says in the ring and demands that Satina comes out and kiss Great Khali. Satina comes out and says that she is a Lesbian and kisses Phoenix Kahli comes out and wants a kiss. Then Vladimir Kozlov comes out and challenges Kahli to a match at Backlash for a chance at the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

In the back with Orton getting ready for his match


Orton comes out and then triple H's opponent comes out. It is HBK.

3) Randy Orton vs HBK
winner Orton when HBK was RKO'ed and punted in the head


4) Winners get a chance at the World Tag Team Titles
Kofi Kingston and Mr. Kennedy vs Drew Hankinson(Festus) and Hurricane Helms
winners Drew Hankinson and Hurricane Helms
*note Festus dropped his red neck gimmick*

Triple H is shown getting ready for his match


Triple comes out. Orton's opponent is The Big Show. Orton comes out and says that he changed the match to a no DQ Match and comes to the ring.

6) Triple H vs The Big Show w/ Randy Orton
winner The Big Show after he and Orton beat the livving crap out of Triple H and pinned him.
Vicky comes out and says that his and Orton's match has become a Tornado tag Steal Cage match, and they get to choose their own partner. Show and Orton went to beat down Triple H again but HBK made the save and made Show and Orton bail. Triple H and HBK do the "DX" suck it sign to end the show
Where can I find lesbian, gay or bisexual romance novels?
I'm a young reading fan with a keen interest in the LGBT community, and I was wondering if anyone could point me out romance novels that are centred on homosexuality or bisexuality? Bear in mind that I'm nearly 14, so anything of the equivalent level of Bronte, Goethe or Mary Shelley isn't much good to me, but any modern fiction that appeals to lesbian, gay and bisexual teenagers.

Hope you guys can help.
Try a local bookstore, many of them have a Gay/Lesbian section. I think I have seen so in Borders, and you can also try Books-a-Million or Barnes and Noble.
For fans of The Worst Witch (books and TV)?
Do you think Miss Hardbroom is a lesbian? Most of the fan fiction out there suggests that she is. What do you think?
Yes. In the TV show, at any rate. She *definitely* pings my Gaydar.

It's not that she's provably lesbian. She certainly doesn't seem to have much time for men romantically. (Consider her response to Icy Steven's interest, or her lack of interest in Mr Hallow when the others are swooning over him.) Let's call it circumstantial evidence - proves nothing, but makes sense to those of us already predisposed to think she's playing for the girls' team.

We have no proof that she's into women, but some indications that she's *not* into men. That's enough to make me enjoy playing with the possibility that the lady's a sapphist.
May I just be Bi or Lesbian?
I've had these suspicions since I was 12 years old(I am now almost 17)

For one, I may feel at ease with guys and stuff, but basically I feel bit uncomfortable with girls
I resent the thought of being in the same room where's there's little privacy with a bunch of other girls(take sleepovers or locker rooms for example)

In some cases, when there is some nudity involved with women-I tend to feel embarassed and sometimes I like to read yuri fan/fiction(girl-girl) (but doesn't involve the turn-off smut)

When I was younger, I used to daydream a lot about female characters from games >_>...and in playing of game, my attention would be distracted more to Peach(or Daisy) on some occasions

fortunately, I have gotten over that video game obession with video game characters but I am still concerned about my sexuality

On the other hand, while I may think about girls-I tend to think about guys too as well

Could I be Bi? Or a bi leaning more toward the lesbian side?
read over Bem's theory of Exotic-becomes-Erotic. You should generally not feel sexual tension around same-gendered people. Most people feel anxious, nervous, awkward to some extent around the opposite gender but comfortable and uninhibited around the same gender. If you feel the opposite it is a strong indication of possible homosexuality, but only you can make the call on that one. Stop worrying so much about it, get out and experiment a bit if the uncertainty is bothering you, it's the only way you'll find out, then you can figure yourself out and get over this.
Am I a lesbian or bisexual?
Okay, here's the dealio. Gonna try and keep this short:

I'm a 14-year-old girl and I am either bisexual or lesbian.

The only guy I've ever thought romantically about is Justin Bieber. Lol.

So my sexual fantasies regard gay porn. I've had a few guy on girl when the girl is me, but not in the past year at all. Mainly just between two guys or two girls.

Now, IDK why the thought of two guys turns me on? Weird.

But, I write gay fan fiction. I'm a writer and find writing of straight people difficult.

My friends are always all like, "Oh he's so hot!" and I'm just texting on my phone and I don't even want to look. It's hard to tell if a guy's hot! I try to make myself stare at guys, but I can't. I kind of just pretend to go along with it by saying, "Oh he's hot." and in my mind I'm like, "Is he? I don't even know!" I never feel the need to stare at guys and I never do. It's like I have no interest in them at all! I try to, but I always find myself admiring girls instead.

I often find myself staring at girls who are pretty and the thought of a relationship with one is more appealing than one with a guy. I just feel more easy going around girls whereas with guys, I'm kind of like one of them.

What do I sound like to you?

And no Bieber jokes please.
I'd go for lesbian.

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